According to an article in the Wall Street Journal by Alexandra Berzon, Sadie Gurman and Zusha Elinson, — Dr. Christine Blasey Ford sent an unusual Facebook message to her best college friend this summer with a question: “Had she ever mentioned a sexual assault that occurred when she was in high school?”

Her friend, Catherine Piwowarski, her onetime roommate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said she had no memory of that.” (Source)

The goal of this blog is not to establish guilt or innocence of either party, but I do have a question that’s been bothering me since this — he said, she said — accusation first surfaced.

Where’s The Pattern?

When bad people do things they often find that they can get away with doing those bad things and continue doing them.

After the first sexual misconduct accuser of Harvey Weinstein the flood gates opened, and many women came forward.

It was the geniuses of the “Me To” movement. Many more celebrities and media moguls had to do a perp walk before the press in the following months.

They lost companies, jobs, marriages, reputation and in some cases had to appear in court.

Each one had a string of accusers that were more than happy to see the powerful brought low once that first accusation was made.

Bill Clinton is the most obvious and also the guiltiest in the eyes of society, but his abusers were discredited even though it became fact that he made the Oval Office his personal sexual playground.

Ted Kennedy also comes to mind leaving a young  girl to die in a submerged automobile and not let anyone know until the following day.

The rich and powerful know how to cover their tracks until — they are outed.

So where does Supreme Court Justice nominee Bret Kavanaugh fit into this scenario? Where are his string of sexual abuses?

You would think being a Judge on the Court of Appeals that the hunting ground would be ripe with potential victims for someone who has no problem getting drunk and allegedly assaulted a woman at a party while in high school.

Wouldn’t this have just been the beginning rather than a one-time occurrence? Wouldn’t this kind of behavior have escalated in college and in later life?

Or if it did in fact happen perhaps he thought, Wow that was dumb. Never doing that again.

Some Final Thoughts

Men in power often succumb to temptations thrown in their paths. Matthew 26:41 says, "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."

A tough lesson that Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Roger Ailes, Harvey Weinstein and many others learned all too late in life.

As mentioned earlier I’m not making a defense or condemnation of either party. I think both parties should be heard, and the Senate committee can determine who’s credible.

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