According to some experts, the entire knowledge of the human race doubles every 13 months.

That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Every year we know twice as much about everything as we did in the previous year.

And with the advent of super computers and other advances that time frame is steadily reducing.

Where Is All This Brainpower Taking Us?

There is a worldwide quest for alternative fuels to heat and cool our homes and to fuel our cars, buses, planes and trains.

Anyone who comes up with some type of power plant the size of a gas tank that will power an automobile at 80 mph, for 450 miles with headlights, heated cup holders, DVD player, and air conditioning will probably be the first trillionaire.

Six billion people are currently working on that goal.

I can visualize a future where electricity will be broadcast to our homes like TV signals are today.

You’ll be watching TV and see a lamp in the scene, pause the show, click on the lamp, order it and have it delivered the same day.

It’s pretty obvious that we’ll all be riding in self-driving cars in the next 25 years or so.

Even drunks will make it home safely.

A trip to the moon might be in your future. Can celestial timeshares be far behind?

Where Should Future Concentration Be?

What should the big brains of the world concentrate on in the coming year? Medicine? Electronics? Economics? Space travel? Mathematics? The arts? Social media?

It’s hard to predict which pursuits should take precedent over others.

The great thing about America is we all have the freedom to follow our dreams of a better car or a cure for deadly disease.

We can improve the communication between cultures and beliefs.

Economics can provide better products that benefit everyone for less.

Two things are the genesis for progress.

Someone with a dream, and a populous with a need for that dream. One without the other is a loss to both.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m grateful for the advances that I’ve seen in my life and a little disappointed that I won’t be here to see what life will be like in 50 or 100 years.

Look how far we’ve advanced since 1916. With information doubling every 13 months think where we’ll be in 2116.

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