Detroit Area Economy Worsens As Big Three Automakers Face Dire Crisis
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What we don’t know is often more puzzling to us than what we do know. The Source of the Nile River has been disputed over the centuries.

To this day no one knows what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke, North Carolina.

It seems, according to some of my Facebook friends, that the wealth has disappeared from Michigan cities like Detroit and Flint.

The Wealth is Still There

I would counter that wealth doesn’t leave anywhere. Where was the wealth in Detroit before GM, Ford and others moved in?

Detroit was a good-sized city. I’m sure there were some well to do people there.

Business up and down Main Street.

Someone decided that Detroit would be a good place to start a business. Maybe it was favorable tax system, or needed resources, transportation, or a ready workforce.

And perhaps for some of those same reasons they — not the wealth — left.

Wealth is like a movie star actor waiting in the wings to make a grand entrance.

Perhaps it was waiting in the dorm room closet when Michael Dell decided that he could become a billionaire selling personal computers.

“Dude, you’re gettin’ a Dell.”

In high school Dell’s $18,000 newspaper selling subscription income was more than his history and economics teachers salaries.

Maybe wealth was hiding under Mark Zuckerberg’s desk instead of Cameron, and Tyler Winklevoss’s desk.

Even though all three did get rich plus a whole bunch of other early developers of Facebook.

Wealth Is Not Reserved For The Privileged Or The Lucky

Was there some kind of guarantee that Bill Gates would be the richest person in the world? Gates could have driven Microsoft into the ground just as easily as guiding it to success.

Pretty hard for me to believe that there aren’t at least some people in Detroit with a good idea. Not an idea that would bring wealth back to Detroit but an idea that would awaken the wealth already there.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m convinced that some people feel there's a finite amount of money in the United States.

That if someone makes a dollar someone else has to lose a dollar. Obviously that’s not the case.

Your local bank takes in a dollar and sends eight dollars out the door.

You might not like that wealth building method but none of the above mentioned people could have achieved any level of success without it.

I look for well-run companies with a future before they get a dime of my hard earned cash. I know they will be creating wealth at both the top and bottom of their employee chain.

Wealth is always there waiting to be set free. And all it takes is a good idea and the desire to bring that idea to the masses.

Maybe you’re the one to give Gates a run for his money in the near future.

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