Movie theaters and TV is filled with superheroes. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Supergirl, Fantastic Four, — and many more than I could ever list here.

Why do we gravitate to these larger than life characters?

Is it because they can take on life with an advantage we don’t have? That we can live vicariously through them and come out on top in our own lives?

What’s it like to be a superhero?

The Superhero Identity Crisis

There is only one true Superhero and that’s of course Superman. All others wake up as someone else. Spiderman wakes up as Peter Parker, Batman wakes up as Bruce Wayne.

Only Superman wakes up as Superman then puts on the Clark Kent persona.

What’s Your Super Power?

Why do some people rise to the top? There are 7 or 8 people running for president right now. Several have dropped out.

In some cases their superpower is the ability to raise money. In other cases they are very persuasive people.

Many of us wake up each day with a distinct advantage over our co-workers in some way.

You might be better with numbers, or you might be better using a computer. You might be a better manager. All of us are good at something.

And we can use that gift for good or for evil just like the world of our superheroes. Every superhero has a bad guy adversary who’s just as powerful as the hero.

Overcoming evil is the goal of every superhero and many people wake up each day doing just that.

Working for the good of others, making a difference in their community.

Superhero Weaknesses

Superman has a weakness to Kryptonite (a. can’t believe I spelled that right, b. can’t believe it’s actually in the spell check dictionary).

You might lose your superpowers when exposed to certain situations. You may not be at your best in high stress situations, or you might not physically feel your best.

But somehow superheroes always overcome adversity and rise to the top.

Some Final Thoughts

Superpowers are something you might not even know you have. Perhaps you’ve always had them and they are as natural to you as breathing.

Our sports heroes seem to be able to move in ways most of us can only dream of.

Are they aliens from other worlds who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men? To quote the opening dialogue of the “Superman” TV show of the 50s.

Think about what you do each day. Do your physical or mental powers fall into the superpower category?

I bet they do.

What’s your superpower?

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