(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Just when I think political correctness has gone as far as it can go it seems to stretch just a little bit further and go completely off the rails of what should be considered normal intelligence.

Boys Will Be Boys — Well Not At Target

Target has decided to release its shoppers from the huge burden of having to choose pink paper for girls and blue paper for boys. I mean what if you don’t know the sex of the child yet?

What a dilemma that must be — but let’s not stop there.

No more signage for “Boy’s” or “Girl’s” to confuse people. I guess Barbie’s will end up being shelved right next to Tonka Trucks. Let’s end this gender confusion once and for all.

Who Says One Person Can’t Make A Difference?

Apparently an Ohio woman had enough of Target’s sexist attacks when she tweeted a picture of building sets being separated by gender.

Building Sets? Apparently along with Lego’s, and Lincoln Logs, there are building sets for girls called “GoldieBlox." The Twitter post got thousands of shares so Target got the message.

Not exactly sure what that message was but I guess building blocks and whatever else is in those aisles will be labeled, “Anything Goes.”

Target is justifying their decision by claiming that keeping boy’s toys or products in one-section verses girls in another limits sales by not exposing kids to all options. Perhaps Barbie would look cool riding in the back of a Tonka Truck. It would appear that Target and their Ohio fan agree.

Target does agree that this thinking does not work in every department in the store. There is a genuine need to separate things by brand name, age of the person, or their gender to help shoppers find some products faster and easier.

There is no real need to stock items like toys, home and entertainment products by gender. There may be pink and blue toasters but no real need to separate them by gender preference.

Can We Be Us Anymore?

It seems that society wants to neuter us. We will be this vague shadow of what we used to be. No men, no women. When did all this start?

I believe it started with Miss, Mrs. and of course the term almost never used anymore — Ms.

There is talk in California schools of no more use of “boys” or “girls.” I guess it’s just a matter of time before we’re all named “Smith.”

Dale Carnegie spoke of the importance of the individual. It’s the total essence of marketing and advertising.

He said. “The most beautiful sound anyone can hear is the sound of his or her own name.”

Some Final Thoughts

Target is the real victim here in my opinion. A vocal minority sounds off and we give up just a little more of our traditions and our comfort zone shrinks.

Resist and the onslaught of attacks against you will begin.

The things we value and want to pass on to the next generation are quickly dissolving like a sugar cube in hot coffee.

The American Indian passed on customs, language and traditions and was never concerned about whether anyone would be offended. It was their way of life.

It would seem that all our problems would just melt away if we were all the same. How does a child feel if grownups, the very people they look to for love and guidance, don’t even want to recognize who or what they really are?

How painful that must be to them. How “left out” and unimportant they must feel.

Please tell me again how this gender neutrality benefits society?

Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 1266 that "requires California public schools to allow students, as young as kindergartners, to use bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, and other facilities based on their “gender identity” and not biological sex."

Look to pay a little more at your local store as the changes in displays, signage, and marketing that few will even notice will cost billions.

But I guess we'll save a lot on bathrooms in the future.

Is political correctness worth it just to be reduced to a face in the crowd?

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