Last week I wrote an article regarding the school district in Missouri that decided to bring back "the paddle."  As you can imagine, the idea of a school physically punishing kids for misbehaving received a lot of attention.  So, I thought I would ask Montanans how they felt about the idea.

I put up a poll and asked the question "Should Montana Return to Physical Punishment in Schools?"

I wasn't really sure how the voting would go, because this is a topic that folks are pretty divided over.  I believe that my generation was the last before the whole "time out" craze.  When I was a kid, there was a rule.  If I acted up and got a swat or two at school, that meant I was going to get a couple more when I got home.

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As you can imagine, the threat of a double spanking kept me out of a lot of trouble.

So how do Montanans feel about this?  What did they have to say in regard to physical discipline?  Are they for it? Against it? Does it depend on the student and the situation?

According to our poll, the majority of feedback favored the return of physical discipline to Montana schools.

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48 percent of those who responded voted "YES", while 38 percent voted "NO".  The "It Depends" vote received 16 percent. Not only did people vote on the subject, but some folks shared their opinion as well. Here are a few of those opinions:

"Lack of discipline is one of the issues with today's youth, they don't understand the concept of consequences for their decisions."


"Parents responsibility not anyone else's"


"No. I absolutely would not want nor would have tolerated a teacher disciplining my children. As their "parent" it was my responsibility"


"No one has the right to beat a one. I'd sue the entire school district from the board of education to the teacher."


"Absolutely. Kids are out of control and so are young adults."


"It's the only thing that will help."

As you can see, as in almost everything in life these days, opinions vary. However, it will certainly be interesting to see if other school districts across the country and here in Montana adopt the policy. We'll keep you posted!

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