We all have our pet causes and political positions. My question for you today is what’s the make or break position you’re going to vote on this November?

For me it’s not a question of Tester vs. Rosendale. For me it’s the Supreme Court. That’s my hill to die on this November and I will vote for a more conservative Supreme Court that in my opinion is better for the country.

That decision can have an effect on our country for many years. Long after the current candidates are just a distant memory.

There Are Other Make Or Break Positions To Consider

For many people immigration is a big issue. They’ve seen what happened in Germany, Spain, the UK, and Canada when the flood gates are opened to unfettered immigration crossing into their countries.

For others, “It’s the economy stupid.” No question that America has put 2007-09 behind them. The Dow again crossed 26,000 and the NASDAQ and S&P are setting new records as well.

Unemployment is low, and Apple just became the first trillion-dollar company with a handful of others not far behind.

I-185 will be on the ballot concerning the funding of Montana Medicaid. I suggest you study your voter’s manual when it arrives in the mail to read the pros and cons of this measure.

Some Final Thoughts

Every midterm people seem to sit on their hands and for whatever reason don’t show up at the polls to cast their ballot.

Voting is the primary freedom we have that separates us from many other countries that have no such freedom.

Voting is only part of it. You need to be an informed voter in order to be effective. Voting because you saw a name on a yard sign defeats the true reason for voting.

Every election has consequences. You are the decision maker, but you vote will not count if you don’t cast it. So please find the hill you want to die on this November and vote your conscious.

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