NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 11: In this photo illustration the Twitter website is displayed on a mobile phone at a NRL match on July 11, 2009 in Newcastle, Australia. The micro-blogging phenomenon sees users post text 'tweets' of upto 140 characters in response to the question 'What are you doing?'. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

There have been five great inventions in the past 150 years that changed the world —the automobile, electricity, flight, telephone, radio and TV.

OK, technically I guess that’s six. I count the last two as one. You could also add motion pictures.

The newest one to add would be the Internet but that’s also included under electricity, radio and TV frequencies. Like cell phones are under telephone.

What Can We Live Without?

I think we could live without heated cup holders in our cars but would be tough to live without cars altogether.

We could live without CD’s and XBoxes — but not electricity.

I guess we could go back to rotary phones attached to the wall with a cord. There was a certain satisfaction in slamming that receiver down when you were upset.

Can’t do that with a cell. Maybe a rotary phone that takes pictures could be a compromise. Depending on the length of the cord of course.

Flight is a no brainer. The Civil War would have been a lot shorter if the North had B-2 bombers.

No RADIO?? Don’t even go there. Without radio we’d all have to read. What would the “Barenaked Ladies” do for a living?

What About Mobile and Internet Access

Cell phone use is sweeping the planet. Even developed countries have cell phone access. But about two thirds of the planet’s population does not have access to the Internet.

Could you make it a week without your smart phone or Internet?

That, of course, is changing daily. As long as there are big bucks in communication there are companies that will move heaven and earth to bring it to the masses wherever, and whomever those masses happen to be.

As technology advances, new areas of the world will be exposed to the evils of capitalism and Facebook.

I’m thinking about having my cell phone grafted to my body so I never have to guess where it is.

Some Final Thoughts

Millionaires and billionaires are on the increase in the US as well as around the globe. But there is a bunch of them that made those dollars without me.

Even in death, Michael Jackson continues to produce dollars. I do not own a single CD— not even “Thriller.”  

I can live without Justin Bieber, and probably every other artist who’s made music after 1986. I don’t buy the hockey, golf, or soccer channel — but I do buy the baseball channel.

There are all things in our lives that we can do without and things we would rather die than give up.

I can live without the baseball channel, heated cup holders and Michael Jackson.

What would your world be like without …? Comment below.