Our new traveling friend's name is Kreskin J. Torres and he's stopping in Bozeman on his nationwide trek to find delicious meals in towns across America. He's documenting time spent in Bozeman on Facebook, but he's also known as The Ride Share Foodie on Instagram if you'd like to follow him there.

He's a rideshare driver by trade as you probably guessed from his Instagram handle, but his foodie treks are entirely self-funded - which I totally dig. We get a lot of dingbat "bloggers" and "content creators" visiting these parts, but Kreskin's journey I can totally get down with. (Remember that gem that I caught "creating" in downtown Bozeman a while back? Ugh.)

With currently 35,000 followers on Instagram, Kreskin's mission seems pretty fun and simple. In fact, it probably makes most of us jealous to travel the country tasting the best food towns have to offer and meeting as many new friends as possible.

Rideshare Foodie - Connecting with America while driving Uber/ Lyft 🇺🇸 Army Veteran & Maryland Native. @theridesharefoodie

Keeping things smart and simple, Kreskin "The Rideshare Foodie" checks into local foodie groups online and asks their opinion of places he needs to check out and dishes he needs to try. I dig it. So where did the Bozeman locals send this culinary adventure seeker?

  • Wild Crumb - Bozeman, breakfast & lunch
  • Shan - Bozeman, lunch & dinner
  • Pompey’s Grill - Three Forks, dinner
  • Café Zydeco - Bozeman / Helena, lunch & dinner
  • I’m from Pittsburgh but was recently in Bozeman… I would definitely recommend: Low-Key Sandwiches, Cholms Burger, and Map Brewing Company
Rideshare Foodie 2 - Facebook
Rideshare Foodie 2 - Facebook

If you’re in Bozeman, check out Shan, Feast, Tanoshii. Pompey’s Grill in Three Forks if you have time. Yellow House BBQ if they are having a pop up this weekend (check their insta, they don’t have a permanent home but do Sat pop ups at a yellow house near downtown). For breakfast, Western Cafe, Stormcastle, or Cat Eye are all solid options.

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  • K2 hideaway grille all day every day
  • Cholms and the vietnamese food trucks on 7th
  • Hit the Western for breakfast, if you want an authentic Montana experience!
  • Storm Castle - Monte Cristo is amazing
  • Roost, Montana Aleworks, Map Brewing Co, Nordic Brew Works, Feed Cafe, Wild Crumb
  • Mountains Walking, Pickle Barrel, La Tinga
  • University Burger
  • Aurore, a brand new French bakery, Feast
  • Roost - Amazing fried chicken. Get the Nashville hot with comeback sauce and sweet tea!
  • Roost, Blacksmith and Noir
  • (my fave comment from a local) Trade ya food spots for Crab Cakes, Berger Cookies, Naty Boh, and Utz Crab Chips and a soft shell sammich. I’d join ya for a meal while you’re here, I was born in East Baltimore.
  • Bourbon is a must in Bozeman
  • The best food is in Livingston…. Campiones and Neptunes!
  • Shan is excellent in BZN
  • Est 1864 Noir Bar

Well, I think The Rideshare Foodie got some solid leads from folks in Bozeman. I spoke with him earlier today via text and I'm hoping to connect with him later today. If so, I'll give him a few more places to hit that are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. I'm a sucker for a delicious bargain. Aren't we all? Nice work, Bozeman!

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