The “war(?)” in Syria continues. It’s hard to tell all the players without a scorecard. Since the 1970s the Alawites have been in charge despite being only 12 percent of the total population.

The remaining population is made up of 74 percent Sunnis, 8 percent Christians, and 3 percent each of Shiites and Druze.

Refugees Or …

Once the word went out that some countries, Germany being the most vocal, would accept refugees and give them safety until the Syrian conflict is resolved the floodgates opened.

Millions fled Syria and began knocking on the doors of many neighboring countries seeking asylum. Their cries fell on deaf ears.

Germany became the refuse of choice for this multitude of misplaced humanity. Until the German people and its government were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and tried closing their doors too. But the hoards kept coming.

The Rule of Fight Or Flight

The animal kingdom has the fight or flight rule. If it’s possible to run from a stronger opponent, it’s the right course of action.

However, if your back is against the wall and no escape is possible then fight is the right, and possibly the last, course of action.

So the questions begs: If there were no place else to go would Syrians fight for their country? Or would they still flee?

The American Posture

Most people simply don’t understand why we are concerned at all with the Middle East. “These people have been fighting each other for thousands of year why do we want to get involved?”

Many people think we are there for the oil. Others think we are there in support of Israel. Still more see ISIS as a threat to conquering the entire region if they are not stopped.

Or corporate interests have to be protected at all costs. Is there a right answer? Not in my opinion. But there are lessons to be learned.

Some Final Thoughts

When American’s produced less than they could consume things were great. We controlled the price of oil we were the reserve currency and led the world in technology.

Now the world is our oyster. Any unrest is bad for business. We are seeing that a promise of free stuff to refugees contribute to our own mentality that the world owes us a living.

Taking in refugees seems like the humanitarian thing to do. But at what cost? Do a country’s own citizens who are hurting take a back seat to refugees because they have it a little rougher?

If the USA was attacked or being taken over by a dictatorial government would we be in Canada or Mexico or would we take up arms and take our country back?

I’m fearful we might abandon the American Dream in favor of the hammock propped up they the efforts of others in a foreign land. What do you think?

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