I like to think of myself a pretty easygoing guy. If I’m having a bad day I don’t take it out on my listeners. I don’t kick the dog.

Sometimes I do let non-human, non-animal, objects feel the pain of my frustration.

As I get older I find fewer things bugging me. I am used to being disappointed by politicians and the government.

I realize that new and improved is really less product costing more in a smaller package.

Here are five things that really bug me.

Number 1. - Computers

They crash and burn. They go where I don’t want them to go. They move and delete text at random. They open pages I didn’t ask for.

There is no question they are out to get me.

Number 2. – Just Pay Separate Shipping and Handling

If you act now we’ll double your order, just pay separate shipping and handling. So does anyone call and say, “Oh I don’t need two just send me one.”

OK this one is a small one. But as a business guy it still irks me that they load up extra bucks in separate shipping charges to give you something supposedly free.

Number 3. – Grocery Stores

My wife likes to point out that grocery stores use sales logic not my logic as to where the products are on the shelf. Things I think should be so obviously be shelved side by side seldom are in my world.

Crackers should not be with potato chips. They should be near soup. Is there any restaurant in the world that doesn’t serve a package of crackers with the soup? The fact that you might want crackers but not soup is a lame excuse.

Number 4. – Online Support

Do I even have to go here? Never mind the obvious English/pick your accent part, if it doesn’t pop up on their screen help is not coming.

Sort of like your doctor saying, “Sorry your symptoms don’t show up on WebMD; I guess you’re cured.”

Number 5. – Post Office Parking

I’m sitting at Tracy and Babcock. There is a parking space, more than one even, but oncoming traffic is holding me up. Eureka, finally a break I pull out and one or both cars I had to wait for take the spaces.

If this were a random event I wouldn’t think a thing about it. But it is a 75-80 percent occurrence.

I think they have some kind of phone tree. He’s heading for the post office start your engines. It’s like the funeral holding up Buford Justice in Smoky and the Bandit.

Some Final Thoughts

There are things in life that we can control and things we can’t. Some things bug us and others don’t.

I’m prepared to be shut out at the post office, have my computer rule my life, try to translate a foreign accent, pay extra shipping for free stuff, and walk a few extra miles in the grocery store.

But I still reserve the right to be bugged.

What bugs you? Comments below

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