Photo by Getty Images: Jonathan Leibson
Photo by Getty Images: Jonathan Leibson

Every now and then the wife picks up a People Magazine at the grocery check out. It’s filled with a lot of famous people that I’ve never heard of.

Yet there are stories where the rich and famous open up and give us commoners a sliver of a glimpse into their lives.

When we see famous people on TV or late night TV we feel like we know them. We’re fans.

Some we like; some we hate. But nevertheless we feel we know them.

As a result we feel justified to pass judgment on their day-to-day lives, their partners, how they raise their kids, and how they spend their money.

And how they’ll run the country.

You Think You Know The Rich And Famous?

Our president elect hasn’t signed a single bill, had a single cabinet member confirmed, hasn’t sent anyone to war, hasn’t killed a single terrorist with a drone strike, hasn’t deported anyone, yet a segment of society is terrified to the point of needing professional consultation to comprehend Donald Trump as president.

You don’t see the paparazzi following politicians around because no one wants a glimpse into the lives of politicians.

Let’s face facts — they’re as boring as watching paint dry. Who wants to know the inside scoop on John McCain or Harry Reid?

You’ve Been Sold A Brand

Those poor souls stretched out on the shrink’s couch have been sold a bill of goods. A Rolling Stone exposé or a People Magazine fold-out is their mothership.

How can a rich guy garner the support of a construction worker or a burger flipper at McDonalds? Why aren’t those voters fearful of a Trump presidency? Why don’t they need professional help? Why aren’t they on meds and meditation?

Perhaps they can tell the difference between People Magazine and National Geographic. The difference between Meet The Press and Meet The Parents.

Some Final Thoughts

All anyone knows about the president elect is what hype you’ve been fed from both sides. One side thinks they’re headed for a brighter future and the other side thinks they’re looking into the bowels of hell.

Both could be an extreme exaggeration.

The point is that no one really knows another person and how they’ll think and react under the pressure of the presidency.

But at least I’ll reserve my judgment of the president elect until he drops his first drone bomb.

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