One of the most often asked questions during the Watergate Congressional Investigation was, “What did the President know and when did he know it?” As it turned out President Richard Nixon knew plenty.

He was eventually pardoned for his crimes by President Gerald Ford who took over after Nixon’s resignation.

Who Knows What?

On Friday, October 28, 2016, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Committee on the Judiciary, the Committee on Appropriations, the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies, and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The Comey letter gives no indication of what concerns the FBI has other than, “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.”

Speaking of the earlier investigation into the use of Hillary Clinton’s private email server last summer where her actions were described by Comey as “extremely careless.”

Whatever the FBI has found will not be released before Election Day because they’re going to need more time to determine if they in fact have anything pointing a finger at anyone.

There might be a gun but as of this moment it’s not smoking.

Will These Events Affect The Election?

Millions have already voted. Would recent events have changed any of those votes? — Probably not.

If you’re voting early you’ve pretty much made up your mind.

Voting is emotional — not logical.

People pick candidates for emotional reasons then create a logical argument to support that decision. So I doubt the majority of people would like to have their votes back.

Some Final Thoughts

You have to admit that the election has been reduced to a comic book scenario. It’s no longer a serious issue.

Many people feel the country is lost regardless of who’s elected next Tuesday. The real election will take place four or eight years from now.

We currently find ourselves in some alternate universe where everything that should make sense doesn’t.

How do the two most disliked politicians in American History rise to be the choices of their respective parties? It’s right out of the “Twilght Zone.”

There’s the signpost up ahead — what’s your opinion?

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