That’s an interesting question. Possible success or probable success? All our decisions are based on probable outcomes.

Some situations we create because we think we have the skills to affect the outcome. And some situations are thrust upon us without a clue what the eventual outcome will be.

Or whether we can even handle it.

The former is more comfortable for most of us. We are usually uncomfortable stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zones. That’s why there is this huge gap between success and failure.

What Is Failure?

There is a business owner in Bozeman who was looking for a bank loan to start a business. Eleven banks turned him down before the twelfth said yes.

That is a perfect example of how far would you go if you thought you wouldn’t fail?

Just because others might not see your vision, or might put a few speed bumps in your way, your desire to succeed can overcome those things — if you’re convinced you can’t fail.

That business owner now has three locations around the state.

What Is Success?

What level of success could you achieve if you thought you couldn’t fail? The more success becomes certain the greater the amount of risk success will tolerate.

Once the business owner above got the loan the probability of success increased and failure decreased.

Some Final Thoughts

When I first went on the radio was I fearful? — You bet. But while I felt I could do it would I be successful enough to be able to keep doing it?

The more we stretch ourselves the less failure we experience in our lives. We crawl before we walk we walk before we run.

How far could you go if you knew you couldn’t fail? Try thinking you can’t — and see how your life changes.

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