The earth has been around for a long time. When man came along we developed the concept of time.

It’s a pretty amazing miracle that the earth makes one rotation around the sun every 365 days, six hours. It’s always exactly the same. We are used to margins of error — but not with the earth.

Not 366 days one year and 364 the next. It’s always exactly the same amount of time. The weather varies, living species come and go but we are exactly in the same spot year after year every 365 and ¼ days.

Leap Year

This year, 2016, we will have 29 days in February because the earth, while exactly on time each year, doesn’t work with the margin of error that man created.

There is that extra six hours man tacked on each year so we have to combine those and make up an additional day every four years.

Add More Days

Man added one day every Leap Year so what’s to prevent adding more days? OK that ends the exact 365 ¼ deal — but so what?

If we added more days to each month you’d take home a bigger paycheck because you’d work more days.

The down side is that some Christmas’s would be in the 90s with no snow and two or three years later the seasons would return to normal.

I will admit that it’s a real blessing to have only 28 days in February because that month sucks.

Adding one more day to February makes no sense at all.

If you are going to add a day, why not add it where it will do some good?

Vacation months of June, July or August would make great use of an extra day.

We’d have to figure out how daylight savings time would work and the baseball season but I think this is very doable.

Some Final Thoughts

Don’t the days sort of run together for most of us anyway? I remember people saying, “Wow, 2015 sure went by fast.”

And it did. So why not add some days and make it longer? You’d make more money and the taxes earned on the extra days could be used to pay down our monstrous debt.

You could increase the Christmas Shopping Season. The Fourth of July could be a really, really long day unless it’s during a year where it would be snowing.

I think this idea has merit.

Yes there would be a period of adjustment and learning curve but the advantages are clearly there.

What do you think? Comments below

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