According to resent studies Facebook might be the reason for American’s feeling more depressed.

By the way if you put, “According to resent studies …” before something it’s much more credible.

Anyway, Facebook users seem to be more depressed these days. Why you ask? Because there’s always someone doing better than they are.

Someone is on a nicer vacation than they could afford, they have a nicer home, better car, cuter kids, better body, better job, etc.

I’ve always wondered why we are so obsessed with what others have? Shouldn’t People Magazine make us depressed? Fortune Magazine?

Face facts. Someone somewhere is always going to have it better than you. Do psychiatrists really make their living on this kind of thinking?

Here’s my sage advice for you. Spend your time looking around your town at all those that have it worse than you do.

Check out the overpasses for the guys with the will work for food signs. Park outside the Dollar Store and feel good about yourself — unless you’re a regular there.

If that doesn’t work — there’s always Good Will.

Some Final Thoughts

I don’t mean to dismiss people who have a legitimate case of depression. I’m talking about the day to day folks that are doing OK but for some reason sit around wishing for more of who knows what.

Money, fame, appreciation, trigger our emotions. Take a look at what you have. Chances are you’re doing better than a lot of others. Get out your phone, laptop or whatever, get on Facebook and tell everyone how good you have it.

Now, don’t you feel better?

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