I would be willing to take out a personal loan to stay at this location every year—it's a one-of-a-kind experience.

When people go on vacation in the United States, instead of paying for a hotel, folks are more and more opting for services like VRBO or Airbnb. With these sites, you aren't limited to stuffy rooms—you can rent whatever cabins, houses, or other accommodations are available. Plus, you can squeeze more people into an Airbnb than a hotel room. 

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Bozeman is no stranger to VRBO or Airbnb rentals, though many seem unreasonably expensive. So what would be a location that's actually worth the price? We think we might have found one. 

Have you ever wanted an entire island to yourself? Well, you are in luck. There is an Airbnb in Somers, Montana, that is located on a private island. I'm serious. You get the island on Flathead Lake, a spacious house, and some water equipment to use on the lake. Plus, if you don't have a boat, a shuttle to and from the island is included in the rental price.

Airbnb/Private Island Hosted by Dess
Airbnb/Private Island Hosted by Dess

Now, you might be wondering what a private island rental costs. Well, depending on what time you book this incredible location, the price seems to range from $1,100 to $1,800 per night. That might seem a little steep, but this place could sleep quite a few people, which helps ease the price per person. 

Airbnb/Private Island Hosted by Dess
Airbnb/Private Island Hosted by Dess

Is this Airbnb worth it? I sure think it is, if you can afford it. Nothing is better than being on Flathead Lake, surrounded by crystal water. Plus, if you have a boat, think of all the fun activities you can enjoy during your stay. I'm going to start saving money for this. 

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