If you like good food, good Montana made beer and whiskey, and if you like our warriors who have served this country- you'll find all the above at Warrior Taste Fest coming up August 12th in Bozeman.

I'm very excited to emcee the event this year, after getting to enjoy all the sampling during last year's event. Think about all the great restaurants, breweries, and distilleries in the Bozeman area- now think of getting to sample many of them all in one place. That's exactly what Warrior Taste Fest is. Plus, this is a major fundraiser for an incredible organization called Warriors & Quiet Waters (WQW).

Not only do they take post-9-11 veterans fly fishing and provide them with all the training and the gear, they are also doing ice fishing trips in Northern Montana now as well.

Rob Fox has volunteered on several WQW fishing trips,

Rob Fox: I've been fortunate to go on seven fishing experiences, and I've done the ice fishing three times. Twice up in northern Montana and one time locally in the Bozeman area. And it is- what an experience just to be out there in the cold. One gentleman was from Houston, Texas had never really been in the snow and it was minus 20 minus 30 degree wind chills, and he's an Army veteran out on the ice sucking it up with everybody else and enjoying it- catching tons of walleye. It was at a lot of fun and the guys all come together. My wife has volunteered with women, female warriors, and she's had similar experiences. Just great people who selflessly gave of their time and energy and life and limbs.

Rob also says he always has a good time at Warrior Taste Fest.

Rob Fox: Over 30 vendors, breweries, distilleries, restaurants, any kind of food you can think- all there volunteering their time and talent and over 500 people attended. Each of the last two was a lot of fun...and most importantly, we're supporting these proud brave heroes that have served America.


Click here for tickets and more info. You can save money on tickets by purchasing before August 1st.

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