1996 Robin Williams stars in his new movie "Jack"
1996 Robin Williams stars in his new movie "Jack"

Have you ever thought of taking your own life? I have. Lots of times. Life often puts obstacles in our way that just seem too large to overcome. But, we do. At least most of us do. Robin Williams made another choice.

Fame and Success

When celebrities end it all we often ask the question, “He or she had everything — why did they do it?” What exactly is everything? Would that be not living paycheck to pay check? No spur of the moment flights to Paris?  Working a few months on a movie then taking a year off, but the money keeps pouring in?

The verdict is in. Money can’t buy happiness. Money just makes life easier dealing with the things money provides. Money can’t buy love, or relationships or good health. But it can wreck all those things.

How We Handle Life

Anyone who has a few years under his or her belt knows that life is not easy. There is no ideal job or career. It’s what we make of that job or career. We spend the biggest parts of our lives sleeping and adapting to what life throws at us.

For some, like Robin Williams, life threw a lot. For another, Lauren Bacall, she chose to adapt.

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall was household name in the 1940s and 50s along with her husband Humphrey Bogart. If there had been People Magazine back then, “Bogie and Bacall” would have been on the cover every month.

Bacall was 20 when she married what was to be the love of her life, 45-year-old Bogart. He would only live 12 more years. She found herself a widow at 32. While she did remarry a few years later that relationship did not last.

She spent the remaining 20 years of her life with the memories of twelve happy years coupled with the tragic loss of Bogie. No one would have blamed her if she had decided to join him. She didn’t. Lauren Bacall died of a stroke yesterday at the age of 89.

Some Finals Thoughts

Two people who had it all. One lost it all by his own hand. The other had it taken from her. Two people, in the spotlight, that handled adversity in different ways. One was able to adapt, the other was not.

Those left behind can only wonder — why? Death comes to all of us. We don’t have the power of life, but we all share the ability to end our lives at any time. Sadly too many of us choose to do that. More than any of us would like.

Suicide is a very permanent solution to what might only be a temporary problem. Learn the warning signs of suicide and take action to prevent it if you can.

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