Montana is a popular destination for a lot of celebrities. Some of them simply visit the state while on vacation, but some have purchased homes and call Montana home. How would Montanans feel if this celebrity moved to the Treasure State?

Love Your Neighbor
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We all know that potholes are a major issue in many cities and towns in Montana. Now that spring has sprung, and the snow is melting, deadly potholes that can wreak havoc on vehicles have begun to reveal themselves. Needless to say, Montana residents aren't happy about it and are quick to jump on social media and voice their frustration.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his neighbors had a similar problem in their Los Angeles neighborhood, and Arnold decided to take it upon himself to do something about it. He actually purchased materials to fix a pothole that had become a major issue in his neighborhood and filled it in. Now, that's what you call a good neighbor!

Would Montanans Be Happy if Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Their Neighbor?

Honestly, Arnold seems like a pretty good guy and seems like he would be a pretty good neighbor. What do you think? Send us an App Chat on our station app and let us know!

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Reading the story made me think about all of the complaints about potholes in the Bozeman area. I understand that fixing the potholes on city streets is the responsibility of the City of Bozeman, but how expensive would it be to buy the materials needed and fix the potholes ourselves?

If you need further inspiration, here's another story about a man from Virginia that planted a tree in a pothole in his neighborhood.

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