As many of you know President Trump is scheduled for a visit to Great Falls, Montana this coming Thursday to campaign for Matt Rosendale running against current Senator Jon Tester.

As you might guess there is a ground swell of opposition to Trump's appearance here.

Maxine Waters In Your Face

Facebook is filling up fast with notices of where to come with your signs, your protest materials, and encouragement to get in the faces of those who plan on attending the rally.

With the recent altercation between Sarah Sanders and the employees of the Red Hen restaurant, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi challenged at a Mr. Rogers documentary of all places and several others — it’s a brand-new America.

Civility to others has gone right out the window. Respect for a difference of opinion is no longer permissible by those who think differently.

Yelling in your face that you’re a rotten person for having different views is not only permissible but encouraged by today’s progressive Maxine Water's movement.

True Colors Revealed?

Most of us don’t like altercation. We like physical altercation even less. But that seems to be the road we’re headed down.

Sooner or later, cool heads will not prevail, and someone will be physically harmed. As we’ve seen at many universities, mob mentality has no problem going to blows for their cause.

Discussion and free expression of differing views is no longer the American way. Free speech is my speech.

No other opinions or thought will be tolerated. The true colors of those intolerant of opposing views will be graphically revealed in Great Falls on Thursday night.

Some Final Thoughts

Trump will come. Demonstrators will demonstrate. People will fill the hall, and all will go home thinking their side won.

But there are no winners without free expression of thought and civil decent. The real losers are the American public.

I don’t like you because my side said not to like you. Hardly a valid reason to take to the streets yet people do.

It’s a sad time in American politics. What say you?

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