WHITEFISH, MT - FEBRUARY 04: A general view of atmosphere during the Black Star Beer Barter 2012 on February 4, 2012 in Whitefish, Montana. (Photo by Craig Moore/Getty Images for Black Star Beer)

I am certainly no fashion plate but I do know a little bit about business dress. Now in Montana the state dress code is more than likely blue jeans, boots and the ten-gallon hat.

Growing up in southern Illinois we always attended church in what would be considered business attire in today’s society. I learned to tie a tie at a very early age.

I also learned that making a positive first impression was very important to success in life.

Your personal appearance is a signpost directing people to who you are.

Do Clothes Make The Man (Or Woman)?

There is no question that women are much more fashion conscious than men. You need no other proof than the square footage of any clothing store devoted to woman’s clothing compared to men's clothing.

The men’s restroom in most big box stores has more square footage then the men’s clothing department. But that doesn’t mean that men are not well dressed. A dark suit, white shirt, tie, some nice shoes don’t take up a lot of room.

God invented the mirror to keep us from looking ridiculous to others. Most of us give ourselves one last lookover before we leave the house. Why do we do that?

When we enter societies general population we want to project a certain image to others. It might be power, success, or something as simple as self confidence.

The Montana Legislature

I must confess that I have never set foot in our capital or statehouses to witness any legislation being made. But I have watched some televised deliberations of our elected leaders.

When I first saw this display of our lawmakers, I thought I might have accidentally tuned in to a used car salesman’s convention.

I’m not sure when plaid sport coats or wide lapels with skinny ties went out of fashion or the ties with hundred dollar bills all over them or the “Tabasco” ties.

Positive fashion statements were definitely not being made in any of these televised events.

If there was ever a need for a legislative body to need the name “Victoria’s Secret” this is it. Perhaps “Montana’s Secret” might be more appropriate.

Some Final Thoughts

I don’t recall any of the fairer sex being dressed inappropriately but there have been some news reports about cleavage and skirt length.

It’s unfortunate that we have to resort to one more unnecessary regulation in order for our leaders to take some sort of pride in their appearance while doing the work of the people of Montana.

Perhaps “dress for success” needs to be added to the Montana constitution. You might be able to get some big bucks for your Tabasco tie on the KMMS Saturday Swap Meet.