There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.” Unfortunately government seems to have a hard time grasping this simple premise. Gun control, gay marriage, abortion, the size of my soft drinks, sugar, salt, nutrition, global warming, immigration, healthcare, air travel, and alternative fuels all send congress into meetings, hearings and special sessions. Speeches are given, money is appropriated, bills are passed and government puts another stick in the spokes of the progress wheel.

The More Things Change the Worse They Get

Government doesn’t just tweak things, they go completely off the deep end, all under the guise of doing the right thing to protect the public. School shootings are a national tragedy. No one can deny that. But instead of going after the true cause of gun violence, — the person who pulls the trigger, — Congress sets it’s sights on the inanimate object in the trigger pullers hands.

Why? Because there are too many variables as to why someone pulls that trigger. Legislators are up for re-election. Something has to be done fast. Votes are hanging in the balance. Go after the gun. We’ll kick the can down the road about the mental condition of these troubled souls at our next hearing.

Air Travel

Liquid explosives? Restrict all liquids to 4 oz. A whole new profit center of small liquids hits the market. I guess a 4 oz. bomb would be an acceptable loss of life. Shoe bomber? All shoes off at the airport — there’s a Febreze moment for you. Underwear bomber? I’m surprised Fruit of the Loom’s weren’t outlawed.

Instead, thousands are spent on x-ray machines that become great entertainment for TSA employees critiquing body shapes. As it turns out, the x-ray machines are too reveling and are eventually removed. I guess near nudity puts air travel safety in second place as far as the TSA and the passenger are concerned. Millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain in one more failed, over the top, attempt to protect the public.

Personal Responsibility

I can see where a case can be made to go the extra mile to make air travel safe. But, when it comes to government dictating the size of my soft drink? Whether there is a saltshaker on my restaurant table? That’s my line in the sand.

Calorie counts on menus? Why, so I’ll order 3 celery sticks and water at my favorite restaurant instead of the double chocolate cake with the ice cream topper? Will knowing that a Big Mac has 800+ calories and is loaded with fat really keep me from buying one now and then?

No pizza party on Super Bowl Sunday allowed. Come on over for Perrier and sprouts. No half time show – replaced with a “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” video. Gotta get your cardio in. Thanksgiving has got to be outlawed with that calorie count.

Some Final Thoughts

I leave the house each morning knowing that the odds of my returning safely are in the hands of the most qualified elected officials money can buy. I will be safe from 30 round magazines, safe from exploding shoes and underwear, safe from my own selfish indulgences of trans fats, salt, carbs and sugars, safe from second hand smoke, global warming, nuclear holocaust, and all religious references in my workplace. How could I possibly be expected to deal with that all day?

I am so lucky to have elected a “Big Brother” to watch over me and protect me from myself. But a Big Mac would sure hit the spot right about now. Oh well, popcorn and zombie movies are still legal… at least for now.

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