My small business web site,, went online way back in April of 1998 which means that this month I will be starting my 15th year on the web. Like most of you, I’ve come across many helpful and interesting sites over that time and since most of them were originally told to me by someone else I thought it only fair to pass some of my favorites on to you.

My Favorite Informational Sites

Refdesk: This is a great site that is more of a collection of links than an actual web site. I always remark that, “If it’s not on this site, you don’t need it.” If you missed “Letterman’s Top Ten Lists” or need to find where the pancreas is located this is your site. It has links to all newspapers worldwide, most columnists, health, finance, history are all in one convenient spot.

Top 15 Most Popular Reference Websites | April 2012 – Covers most any other reference type information you might need. I have my favorites in this list and I’m sure you’ll have some too.

US Debt Clock: Not sure I could function on the air without this one. I refer to it a lot. It’s much more than just a running total of the national debt. Lots of information here on all types of money issues along with unemployment, food stamp numbers and commodities.

CIA World Factbook: If I need the name of a world leader, the GDP of Switzerland or the principle export of Botswana, this is usually where I can find it.

Wall Street Cheat Sheet – This is another site I check to see what’s happening down on Wall and Broad in New York. You never know what you might find.

Campaign Contributors Lookup Would you like to know who’s donating to whom? Just put in any zip code and have fun. Contributor’s listings for all federal elections since 1994.

Entertainment, TV and Cable, Movies, etc.

Internet Movie Database: Not sure about you but it bugs me when I can’t remember a movie name or star. If I can remember something about the movie I can find it here. Everything from trivia, goofs to watch for, how much it made to where it was filmed. Plus the comments on some of the low budget movies are hilarious.

Weekly Prime Time TV Ratings
– New every Tuesday
Weekly Cable TV Ratings – New Every Tuesday
Cable News Ratings – To save time, its Fox - Every hour, every show, 24/7/36


Bailout Scorecard: Follow the money. Where are your tax dollars going and who’s getting them?

This should keep you busy for a while. Maybe I’ll do this every quarter and see what the reception is. If you like this and would like more of these please leave a comment below.

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