Every now and then my facts file backs up with things that don’t always fit a category.

So here are some random facts to thrill and amaze your friends.

Random Fun Facts

  • We just passed the 100th anniversary of women shaving their armpits. It started way back in 1915. I’m guessing the razors weren’t great back then.
  • Dogs and cats are left and right pawed like we are left or right handed.
  • Video Killed the Radio Star was MTV’s very first music video.
  • Edward Snowden has nothing on the teenager who hacked the head of the CIA’s email in 2015.
  • Usually we only see one side of the moon. But due to its wobble in orbit occasionally we get to see about 18 percent of the other side.
  • The entire mass of earth would be slightly less than a black hole about the size of a nickel.
  • Humans have been on earth about 0.1 percent of time compared to the 150 million years the dinosaurs were here.
  • Don’t get it mixed up with your candy bar because Gallium is a metal that will melt in your hand.
  • Ten percent of convicts in Finland escaped their confinement in 2013. The largest of any country in Europe. Maybe they need a wall.
  • The meltdown at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl Russia made the whole area radioactive. Yet it appears that some birds are evolving to live safely in the hostile environment.
  • If you’re a nerd, blame Dr. Seuss, he was the first to publish that word.
  • Alligator jaws are u-shaped. Crocodile jaws are V-shaped. It’s a quick easy way to tell which is biting your arm off.
  • Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea. Anyone sympathizing with him in South Korea can be jailed.
  • Next time you feel like a nut, forget the Cashews. They are not nuts they are
  • Find a need and fill it. In this case fill it with beer. In Brazil 60 of the wealthiest people made their fortune off beer.
  • Killer Whales are not whales at all. They are dolphins. Killer dolphins just doesn’t have the same ring to it somehow.

Some Final Thoughts

Admit it you are much smarter than when you started reading. You know about Brazilian beer, the moon, Chernobyl, killer dolphins and more.

Aren’t you glad you stuck with it?

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