It's called "West vs. Zombies" and it's taking place Friday at the Montana State Campus in Bozeman. Yes, I said Zombies, the living dead, the dead people who come back to life and try to eat the livings' brains. They have made hit movies about Zombies, Night Of the Living Dead, television shows like the crazy popular The Walking Dead and even comic books.

Now it's an event, Humans vs. Zombies, a game where a team of zombies chases the humans armed with foam dart. The game is June 29 to July 1 at MSU in Bozeman from 9 a.m. to dusk.

Friday on Dominick In The Morning, I will be talking to some real zombies about what's taking place on campus.

To help fight off the living dead, who are invading our city, just CLICK HERE and help save Bozeman from the zombies.

(Photo by Marco Secchi/Getty Images)
(Photo by Marco Secchi/Getty Images)

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