According to the US Census 31 percent of Millennials live at home with their parents. Forty-one percent of adults under the age of 30 make less than $30,000 a year or about $14 per hour.

I can see why they take to the streets demanding that extra dollar.

What Kind Of Adults Are We Raising?

Young adults are more than $1 trillion dollars in debt from student loans. A college degree no longer guarantees you a living unless your major is in science, technology, engineering or math.

Those are about the only industries where you can enter at a respectable salary.

We seem to be graduating tons of philosophy and liberal arts majors. There aren’t that many museums for you to administer.

Students are encouraged to do public service to have part or all of their student loans forgiven over time.

We all know how well non-profits pay. Unless you’re the CEO of the non-profit then you have a second home in Aspen.

Time To Change The Trophy Requirements

It’s time to end safe spaces, college demonstrations against speech you don’t like, not using red pens, and everyone gets a trophy just for showing up.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Were they safe spaces when the pioneers crossed the frontier? Were there safe spaces on the beaches at Normandy?

Were their safe spaces when European immigrants came through Ellis Island?

Is it a stretch to think that our coddled youngsters armed with smart phones, tablets, and Xboxes could have fought and won a world war as their grandparents did?

We’re not doing our youth any favors by preparing them for a world that doesn’t care if their feelings get hurt. A society where there ARE winners and losers.

A society where, you better sit down to hear this, you’re NOT entitled to a fair shake.

Some Final Thoughts

I feel for parents today. Trying to raise a responsible adult where every influence outside the home teaches just the opposite.

If bad things happen you’re not responsible so there is always some kind of comfort zone, comfort food, or comforting shoulder to cry on.

We’re never sure just how far the pendulum has to swing before society has enough. I hope it’s soon but I have this fear that it may swing so far it gets stuck — permanently.

If that happens the kids will retire with you.

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