On Monday, a Three Forks man was arrested on suspicion of strangling the mother of his child. Robert Allen O'Rourke turned himself in to law enforcement and was booked for strangulation of a partner family member.

Gallatin County Sheriff's deputies responded to a hang up 911 call on 1st Ave in Three Forks late on Sunday evening. A woman who lives at the residence with O'Rourke told deputies she had been strangled in their bedroom while their daughter was in a crib in the same room.

According to court records, deputies reported that the victims neck was red and that finger marks could be seen. The victim told deputies that O'Rourke pinned her face down to the bed with his hands pressing around her neck.

O'Rourke was also arrested within the last year on suspicion of domestic violence at the same address. The victim told deputies that O'Rourke had been drinking earlier in the evening before arriving back at their residence.

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