Many houses in Bozeman fit different aesthetics depending on where you live. From just off of Main Street to Bridger Canyon, some places are all shapes and sizes, but there is one that seems out of place. 

We all know the housing market in Bozeman is a little wild right now. From a $15 million mansion in Bridger Canyon for sale to what some experiences are trying to buy a house in the area, and what you might go through. The Bozeman market can be rough, but this house might be a tough sell. 

I was looking at Zillow tonight, and there is a house located in Bozeman. This mansion not only costs a pretty penny but seems very out of place.

This $4.9 million house is massive and also has over 38 acres to enjoy as well. The house has six bedrooms, eight baths, and an indoor pool. The problem is, this house looks so out of place, especially for Bozeman. 

The style of the house is something you see in Europe, and the back patio design is super weird. The mansion seems like it comes out of nowhere, and it's in the middle of the woods. It's just so odd. 

Even though you get over 38 acres of prime Gallatin Valley views, mountains, and mountains, you still have a house that makes no sense. 

You could buy the house and property and rebuild, but that will take forever with the current climate of building anything in Bozeman.  

So the real question is if you had the money would you buy this house? 

Sorry, we didn't post any pictures of the house, but we couldn't find a clean photo to post.

For more details, check out Big Sky Sotheby's

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