My radio show opening refers to me as, "Mrs. Egelhoff's favorite son." I believe the jury may still be out on that one.

Here's a couple of things about growing up as an alleged favorite son.

Like most people her age my mother grew up during the Great Depression. She knew what it was like not to have much.

She was one of four children and had to learn at an early age to do more than just wash dishes after supper and make her bed.

Everyone in the family needed to pitch in and needed be able to do their fair share in keeping the house running smoothly.

Mom’s Golden Rule

“You’ll never be anything unless you can master the basics.” My mother thought public education was sadly lacking in teaching me the things she thought I should know.

To her readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic were more than just three words.

So while everyone else I knew was enjoying three months off school for the summer I had reading assignments, and daily quizzes on the multiplication tables through the twelve’s.

Proper spelling and grammar were some more of her pet peeves. She knew if I couldn’t write, spell or speak properly I would not go far in life.

I grew up in the floral and landscaping business. Anyone want to take a shot of spelling Cymbidium, Hydrangea, or Begonia?

She would have probably become apoplectic if she were exposed to the new math or Common Core.

What All Guys Need To Know

Mom knew that sooner or later I’d be invited to some classmate’s house for dinner. So proper dining etiquette was a must in her eyes.

Knowing which fork to use, where your napkin should go, etc.

She new at least for some of my life I would be single and there were things I needed to know like cooking, laundry, sewing and ironing.

I have to say knowing all those did come in handy many times during my single days. I still do my own laundry and ironing to this day.

Things Not Really Taught Today

Respect your elders. Open doors for people, men or women. Please and thank you. Yes Sir No Sir.

Speak when spoken too. Be brief don’t waste people’s time. Courtesy always to everyone. Don’t speak ill of others.

So many rules. It’s a wonder I got of childhood alive.

Some Final Thoughts

I was a rotten kid in spite of have pretty good parents by most standards. I took advantage of them and broke most rules or boundaries they set for me.

But I guess in the long run good mentoring won out.

I turned out to be a pretty good adult once I hit 30 or so.

I owe a lot to my family for just putting in the time along with work and all the challenges they faced each day to get me off to a good start.

Were your parents slave drivers too?

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