I don't think pizza or a McDonald's Quarter-Pounder is on the Mayo Clinic healthy eating list — yet over 158 million kids devour fast food worldwide every day.

Which Came First?

So who came up with the first fast food restaurant? Like so many things in history we can bow to the Chinese for inventing the concept of fast food.

Noodle stands that stayed open all night were first recorded in a Han Dynasty text, dated back to 25–205 AD. (Source)

Most people credit A&W with being first American fast food establishment in 1919 but White Castle was the first fast food hamburger chain beginning in 1921.

They had the hefty price of five cents. You were encouraged to Buy a Bag.

In-N-Out Burger gets credit for having the first actual drive-thru to get your food.

The Top Five Fast Food Places In Bozeman

According to Yelp, a site that asks customers to review various services including restaurants and hotels, places these five fast food restaurants as Bozeman's most popular.

Some Final Thoughts

The wife and I stopped at A&W/KFC today for a quick bite and it dawned on me how far we've come since the fifteen cent burger.

I'm not convinced that fast food is better than it used to be. At one time we didn't have all the Food and Drug regulations and preservatives.

Either way I've survived old fast food and current fast food.

Eat up.

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