Meet Stockings. He's a happy cat who loves to wrestle, is curious about the world around him and enjoys playing around. But his birth defect has made life a little harder for him.

According to Tree House Animals, Stockings was born with backwards hind legs, which made it difficult for him to walk around normally. If that wasn't bad enough, his hind legs were turned inward, towards themselves, so that they kind of looked like a "W."

Even without the use of his hind legs, Stockings still managed to live out his days happily, using his ankles to move about. But this wasn't always the case. You see, Stockings was found as a rescue at only a few weeks old, a victim of a hoarding situation. Surely this living situation did nothing to help his defect. But thankfully, he was brought to Tree House, where they treated his upper respiratory infection and brought him back up to a good weight.

After his health stabilized, they turned their attention to his legs. According to Tree House, a traditional shelter would have just euthanized him because of his defect, viewing him as a lost cause. But thankfully, they gave him the second chance he needed and fixed his tendons. Check out the videos above and below to see Stocking before and after his procedures. You'll see the same happy cat, but now with a new lease on life and the ability to use his hind legs.

Please pardon us as we dry up our tears a bit. The feels, man.

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