In the interest of full disclosure I do own some shares of Facebook stock. I use Facebook primarily to promote my weekly radio show and podcasts.

Currently about half the planet are active users of Facebook. Active users would be those who are on at least once a month or more.

But I do enjoy all the things that my Facebook friends post and those posts most often fall into six categories.

Here they are:


If you spend any time at all on Facebook you will see family pictures.

You may not know the person posting all that well but over time you will get to know their kids, parents, bothers, and sisters whether you want to our not.

Family dominates these users.


Even I am guilty of this one. Yes I admit it. I have actually posted pictures of my food on Facebook. And it’s something that makes no sense at all.

Is anyone really interested in what I had to eat? Probably not, unless it’s something exotic from a far away place with a strange sounding name.

Which brings us to the next category.


You’re on vacation. Posting daily photos of all the cool stuff you’re doing. We are all excited for you. You are so lucky.

Meanwhile every crook on Facebook now knows that your home is empty.

You’re in Bora Bora and they’re in your living room removing your 60” big screen and surround sound system and anything else that’s hockable at the local pawnshop.


Who doesn’t like kids? They’re so cute and adorable. You don’t have to limit posts to just your own kids.

You can post pictures of anyone’s kids. If they’re your kids you might consider not including their names because you’ve now given the wrong person a picture and a name and where that kid might be at any given time.

Not great. Unfortunately it’s the world we live in. Be careful posting kids.


Dogs, cats, fish, mice, snakes, deer, bears, all show up on Facebook sooner or later. We can’t resist that soulful face or the trick of the week.

Without Facebook how would we ever discover that cats are terrified of cucumbers?


Of course I saved the best till last. Dale Carnegie wrote a book called, “How to Win Friends And Influence People.”

If you want to lose friends and influence no one then by all means discuss politics on Facebook with someone with differing views.

If you don’t heed my warning then be prepared for your personal appearance and intelligence to be called into question in very derogatory ways.

Some Final Thoughts

Like it or not Facebook is a force in the universe. It might be good in the long run but most think not.

It can be addictive to those who are passionate about a cause or belief. Nothing like an army of people who think like you do to give your life purpose.

The downside is that you now no longer have to think for yourself. Just open your Facebook page and all the talking points you need are there for the taking.

Facebook for most is modest, inexpensive, entertainment. For others it’s a tool to spread hate and bigotry.

So concentrate on the cute kids and cute animal pictures and videos and you’ll be just fine. Comments below

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