Although Thanksgiving may be a little different this year, one thing that isn't going to be any different is the amount of calories I will be consuming I can promise you that.

Celebrity chef, Rachel Ray has shared what she claims is the "simplest Thanksgiving meal that you can make" all part of the "12 Days of Thanksgiving" on The Rachael Ray Show. It really might be too considering it's all done in one roasting pan. How perfect! Who doesn't love the convince of one-pan/one-pot recipes, especially for a Thanksgiving main dish.  All of her Thanksgiving recipes are worth checking out by the way. I'll definitely be using a couple myself for my own simplified 2020 Thanksgiving menu.

Rachel says it herself, “We’ve had to reinvent what Thanksgiving is this year. A lot of us are doing small groups, or just whoever we’ve been with for the last several months, and we’re going to be Zoom-visiting with our families and larger groups," She also shares, "this is the simplest Thanksgiving I have made in the 20-something years I have been making Thanksgiving dinner for our family."

Instead of a whole turkey, this dish just uses two full turkey breasts which is much more manageable and more realistic if you are only cooking for a few people - not to mention cheaper. The meat is cooked over a bed of roasted root vegetables with some cidar gravy and cranberry sauce tossed in. Get the full recipe in the video below and watch as Rachel cooks it up herself.

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