I’ve lived through 13 US Presidents. Some good, some bad; some popular, some unpopular. But I’ve yet to experience a president quite like Donald Trump.

And I would bet the bulk of the US population would agree with me.

He is a president like no other.

The President And Social Media

While social media has been with us for a number of years, no president has got more mileage out of it than Donald Trump.

Back in 2000 Howard Dean made an unsuccessful run at the presidency but collected a lot of campaign money through social media.

President Bush hardly used social media at all. President Obama had a multitude of followers but most posts were done from White House staff and virtually none of it controversial.

Enter the new Twitter champion of the world — Donald Trump. There is no doubt Trump does his own thing on social media. No staffers needed.

In fact many staffers wish he’d just shut up.

Trump’s Frank Talk

Trump has redefined what the presidency of the US is currently and might possibly be for future presidents and other world leaders.

The days of walking on eggshells to not offend voters are long gone with this president. He says what he thinks no matter whom it offends or hurts.

Actually it’s kind of refreshing to have a president who say’s what most of us are thinking on current topics.

How Did Trump Win?

Let’s review — No one in the modern political era had ever been elected to the presidency without holding some other previous pubic office.

This was Trump’s first shot at being elected to anything ever.

Because of that, no one gave Trump any kind of serious shot at being president when he first announced.

No one thought he would be successful in the debates or polls. No one thought he would win primaries. No one thought he would win the nomination over 16 arguably more qualified candidates.

And certainly no one thought he has any shot at all of defeating the first female candidate from a major political party who was polling much better than he was.

Early on election eve Hillary Clinton had a 95 percent chance of winning. By the end of the night she’d been kicked to the curb.

The liberal news was apoplectic. How could this be possible?

But Trump overcame all that and more and his pull no punches attitude was what got him there.

Who else would tell an opposing candidate in a national televised debate that she belonged in jail and have any hope of winning? — That would be Donald Trump.

No one liked his frank, insulting and direct talk — except the voters.

At last, a president was one of them, in spite of being a billionaire. He was a tough, blue collar, coal miner, construction worker, in a suit and tie that they could identify with. He wasn’t a polished politician — he was a guy.

He spoke their language.

Some Final Thoughts

I would bet there are some foreign leaders wishing they could be as direct with their constituency as Trump is with his and still be successful.

Presidents need to be direct with voters, with Congress and world leaders. Obama drew red lines in the sand and they meant nothing.

You could take a Trump red line in the sand to the bank. He says what he means and doesn’t back down.

Does this frankness scare people? Yes, it does frighten some.

We have three more years with this president – like it or not. Will he be re-elected? That’s anyone’s guess.

But there is one thing for sure. What you see is what you get. The eggshells are definitely broken — stomped on might be a better analogy.

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