As the final votes are counted, candidates can rest a little easier tonight, particularly Montana candidate Steve Daines who has locked in his title as United States senator. Upon his win Tuesday evening, Daines gave a victory speech for all of his supporters to hear:

"Tonight is a beginning," Daines said. "It is time to get the United States senate working for the people of Montana and working for America again."

Daines said he's committed to always putting Montana first.

"I will be a strong defender of our Montana values," Daines said. "Our Montana values of the importance of the second amendment, the love of our public lands, the right to privacy. Fighting for solutions to grow our natural resource jobs, to grow our timber industry, to get our small business jobs going again here in Montana."

Daines said politicians in Washington D.C. need to stop pointing fingers and start working to solve the problems the United States faces.

"You know, we only have three Montanans serving back in Washington. We're outnumbered," Daines said. "It's 532-3. So, we better get together and work together here on behalf of our great state. And I can tell you, and I hear it across the state, that Montanans don't want to see an 'R' or a 'D' behind their member's name. They want to see Montana behind their name and start working on behalf of the people of our state again."

Daines concluded his speech by thanking his supporters and for voting in his favor as United States senator.

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