Today’s vote will have a big impact on your dollars in the coming months and years. Not just in Montana but nationally.

The passage of I-185 and I-186 will both have an effect on Montana’s economy in the coming years. Will we see higher taxes or more jobs? Could be neither or both.

Business will be looking hard at this election because things that start small often become bigger.

For example, many more states and municipalities are raising the minimum wage. Several states are looking at Right to Work laws.

Some states are looking to repeal Right to Work laws.

There is also the legalization of Marijuana. States are voting to allow it for either medicinal or recreational use.

Colorado’s pot legalization hasn’t worked out quite as expected. Marijuana related traffic deaths are up, there are more poison control calls and emergency room visits.

The black market has increased not decreased as expected.

And several marijuana regulators have been arrested for corruption.

Marijuana tax income was a disappointment too with the state receiving 1.18 percent of their total tax take from weed.

Schools were supposed to be helped but all that’s happened so far is more pot in schools.

Some Final Thoughts

When government interferes with the natural order of things such as supply and demand — bad things usually happen.

In our case here in Montana it’s anyone’s guess how the ballot initiatives are going to affect our economy and our taxes.

Both sides have made their case and it’s up to the voters to have the final say today. If you think your vote doesn’t count think again.

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