If the airport made this one little change, it would make life so much better for all travelers.

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is the busiest in all of Montana. The Bozeman Airport has eclipsed over one million passengers in a calendar year, added Southwest Airlines, and built a new concourse. The problem with all of this, the airport still has some work to do. 

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The Bozeman Airport has been making strides to accommodate all the new passengers coming in and leaving the area, but there are still some problems. For one thing, the parking situation is an absolute nightmare. The short and long-term parking is always packed with cars, and dropping off or picking up passengers is a cluster of vehicles. 

Photo by Tim Meyer via Unsplash
Photo by Tim Meyer via Unsplash

There is the recently built parking garage, the largest in all of Montana, but its only use is for the rental car services in the airport. If that doesn't display the number of people coming into Bozeman every week for a trip, I don't know what will. 

The thing is, I believe the Bozeman Airport is planning on expanding its parking lot yet again. The west area past the airport has been seeing some crews digging up the dirt and leveling off the ground. That's a good sign. 

This summer is expected to be even one of the busiest for travelers the Bozeman Airport has ever seen, and if there is one thing that is always a need, it's decent parking. 

We could also say the Bozeman Airport could add some more food options to the concourse, but that's for another time. 

Keep up to date on what's new at the Bozeman Airport here. 

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