Tim Tebow Threw a Dramatic Game-Winning Pass to Beat the Steelers in the Playoffs


Denver Broncos quarterback TIM TEBOW lived up to the hype . . . and threw a game-winning touchdown pass to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 29 to 23 in overtime.  Here's what you need to know:

--On the first play of overtime, Tebow threw a pass that wide receiver DEMARYIUS THOMAS caught 18 yards down the field.  He was several yards past the nearest Steelers defensive player, and he ran the remaining 62 yards for a touchdown.

--It was the LONGEST overtime pass in NFL history.  And it gave Tim a career-high 316 yards for the game.  (--Get it?  316?  Like John 3.16, which is a bible verse he likes to quote.)


--It also ended the game, because overtime in the NFL is "sudden death".  (--They changed the overtime rules last year:  You can ONLY win the game on your first possession if you get an actual touchdown, as opposed to a field goal.)

(--It's because 34% of the time, teams that won the coin toss in overtime scored right away, and the other team never even got the ball.)

(--Basically, they don't want the team that has the ball first to be able to win with a quick field goal.  Because no one likes field goals.)


(--This was the first overtime playoff game since the rule went into effect, and it actually took the referee longer to EXPLAIN the new rule than it did to PLAY the overtime.)

--Even before his overtime heroics, Tebow had a pretty good game.  He threw for one touchdown in the first half and ran for another one as the Broncos took a 20 to 6 lead.


--Pittsburgh came back to tie the score at 23 when BEN ROETHLISBERGER threw a 31-yard touchdown pass with just under four minutes left.  Ben had 289 yards for the game.



--The Broncos are now one of EIGHT teams left in the playoffs.  They play the New England Patriots next week.


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