On Tuesday, April 15, Tax Day, a group of Montana Tea Party supporters met in Helena and presented a petition to the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

Attorney and Republican House candidate Matthew Monforton spoke to the crowd gathered in Helena, accusing Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl in Montana, and IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner in Washington, D.C., of actively working to silence the voices of conservatives in the realm of political speech.

Following the rally, the group marched to the Office of Political Practices.

"We then went to the office of Political Practices Commissioner Jonathan Motl and presented him with a petition that was signed by a number of folks," Monforton said. "The petition insisted that he treat complaints filed against Democratic candidates the same way he's treating complaints against Republican candidates."

In a recent interview on KGVO News, Motl responded to a similar accusation of political favoritism by Republican Art Wittich, by stating that the complaints against Republicans were actually filed by fellow Republicans. Monforton challenged the loyalty of those candidates.

"The complaints filed by those so-called Republicans, they're not Republicans, they're traitors," Monfortion said. "They are liars. They tell their supporters how conservative they are at election time, and then when it comes time to vote in the legislature, they betray their constituents, and they betray their conservative principles."

Motl accepted the petition, but stated he would not stop his pursuit of those candidates and elected politicians who, in his view, have violated campaign laws.

Attorney and Republican House Candidate Matthew Monforton


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