Mark Allen

Mark Allen’s Top 10 Favorite April Fools Pranks For Sunday
Sunday is April Fools Day...insert joke here....but I put together my favorite top 10 pranks. Feel free to use them, just not on me!!!
10- Stretch a balloon over someones tailpipe, when they start the car it will blow up and pop.
9-  Put food coloring in the hand soap dispenser...
I’m Gonna Miss JB’s
Its being torn down to make the property more appealing!
21 years ago when I moved to Bozeman, the second place we stopped to eat was JB's. The first being the Bay in the Mall, which was called the "Banana Bay" at the time. Since that time I became friends with Mike and Aleta M…
Friday Morning With Mark Allen
In studio this morning will be Tom Egelhoff, The County Commissioners, Jennifer Bordy and Mike McCormick. Some things I want to chat about will be the on line poll about the fluoride in Bozeman's water. Vote now. And also topics I want to discuss are Campaign trail code words, federal pay VS th…
Larry Jent Back On The Show This Morning
Last week we had a great response to Larry Jent who is running against Steve Bullock on the Democratic ticket for Governor, when he was on the show. If you have more questions for Larry get em ready and call in after 9 this morning.

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