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Top Stories of 2019- What's Your Pick?
In the coming days leading up to the New Year, I'll be sharing my top Montana blog posts for 2019. What are your picks for top stories of 2019- especially stories with a Montana angle? Drop me an email aaron(at) with your thoughts.
Flint: Trump Racking Up Victory After Victory [AUDIO]
Victory after victory after victory for President Trump. That was how I opened up Friday morning's statewide radio show. From the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade, to the confirmation of Montana's Lawrence VanDyke to help end the liberal dominance on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, an…
Trump & LVD Break the Liberal Dominance on 9th Circuit
The Montana native and Montana State University alum Lawrence VanDyke (LVD) was confirmed for the 9th Circuit of Appeals...but you already knew that. Here's the big news: with LVD's confirmation on the 9th Circuit, President Trump has taken the liberal dominance of the 9th Circuit and torn…
She Just Took a DNA Test...Turns Out...
Well, cue up the Lizzo song, cause Elizabeth Warren took a DNA test, turns out- she's not even close to being Native American. But we already knew that. And, after repeatedly lying about being Native American, Senator Warren is now attempting another apology on the campaign trail.

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