Aaron Flint

Caller Praises Help from Montana Trooper [AUDIO]
The caller says he got stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, and due to his disability- needed to call for help. He was going to have a long wait, and a big bill. That is, until Trooper Wyatt Duncan showed up to check in on him.
Did Schumer Force Bullock to Run for Senate?
Did Chuck Schumer force Bullock to run, or has Bullock been lying this entire time?
Those are the basic questions Montanans are asking, as reports from The New York Times and Politico suggest that liberal Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) is about to jump in to the US Senate race, challenging the popular…
With Daines’ Backing, Trump Weighs in on LWCF
"I am calling on Congress to send me a Bill that fully and permanently funds the LWCF and restores our National Parks. When I sign it into law, it will be HISTORIC for our beautiful public lands. ALL thanks to @SenCoryGardner and @SteveDaines, two GREAT Conservative Leaders!"
Big Sky to Bolivia: Montanans Powering a Village
Normally at this time of year, these Montanans are battling subzero temperatures to keep the lights on for us back here in Montana. Now, they're in the opposite of extremes- with high temperatures, high humidity, sunburns, and bodies covered in bug bites- not to mention a long day of hard work.…

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