Now that liberal Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) has officially entered the race for the US Senate in Montana- break out the popcorn. I've heard some political analysts say that this could now be a $100 million race in Montana.

Last week, I told you how Bullock has either been lying this entire time, or he was forced into the race by Chuck Schumer- the Senate Democrat leader on Capitol Hill. Either way, Bullock is now going to have a hard time running away from the radical views he adopted during his failed presidential run.

The Montana GOP wasted no time after his announcement Monday, calling Bullock "Schumer's new puppet." It's a point that was reinforced by Bullock himself when he said this to Holly Michels for the Helena IR:

“As far as from outside influences, (Senate Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell probably served as more of a motivation to me than Chuck Schumer or anybody else,” Bullock said, adding that he was not offered any sort of cabinet position in a possible Democratic administration or any other enticement that led him to run. “ … We have to get the Senate working. I would like to see a guy who does everything possible to keep that from happening no longer be the leader.”



Meanwhile, James Conner has an interesting perspective from the Left on his Flathead Memo blog. He says Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) is likely to win re-election, and asks, "Did Bullock really change his mind on running for the senate?
Or was he just playing hard to get from the gitgo?"

Some accounts report that Chuck Schumer, who flew to Montana to talk to Bullock, promised Gov. Steve that if he ran, he would get all the help and money he needed. That’s consistent with the premise that Bullock planned all along to run but was holding out to maximize his negotiating power with Schumer and the Democratic Party senatorial campaign committee.



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