On Thursday, December 13, around noon, the Bozeman Police Department responded to a report of a bomb threat at a business on Valley Commons Drive.

The threat was delivered via email and indicated that a bomb was in the building.

The message directed the business owner to make a money transaction in order to prevent the bomb from going off.

The building was evacuated. A bomb-dog was dispatched from the Montana Highway Patrol to search the building, which did not locate any device.

A short time later, two more bomb threats were received containing similar threats and demanding money. One on North Hanley Ave. and another on North Grand Ave.
As the investigations unfolded it became evident that a large number of similar threats had shut down businesses, schools and hospitals across the United States on Thursday.

The Bozeman Police Department has confirmed with other law enforcement agencies including the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, that these recent threats are widespread and not credible.

The Bozeman Police Department wants to remind anyone receiving a threat that they are welcome to call the Bozeman Police Department with any questions, but at this time the rash of threats have not been found to be credible.


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