We've all had a scary dream or two; in fact, some of us even have recurring dreams that make us wonder, "What does this mean and why do I keep having it?"

For me, it was going to school in my underwear.

Yep, for whatever reason, this was a recurring dream that I had for years. I looked up the meaning one time and it apparently has something to do with insecurity. Of course, I would wake up in a panic only to find that it was just a dream and I did not in fact walk the halls of my alma mater wearing nothing but boxer shorts.

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Some of the more common nightmares that folks have include falling off a building, losing their teeth, being chased, dreaming of an ex, and a loved one dying.

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So what is the nightmare that Montanans have the most? According to Mattress Adviser, it's "getting trapped somewhere". In fact, it seems that 50% of Montanans have had that nightmare. So what does it mean? What's the underlying factor?

According to the website Journey Into Dreams, being trapped or stuck could mean the following:

  • Having a job or a career that we don't enjoy or feel satisfied with
  • Being in a relationship that we aren't happy with
  • Feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations
  • Being committed to things that we don't enjoy

Hmm, well I suppose it is certainly something to think about. Are we too overwhelmed? Or maybe stuck in a job or a relationship that we're not happy with? Have you ever had a nightmare about being trapped? If not, what is a recurring dream or nightmare that you've had?

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