What a weird dream. How many times have we said that sitting on the edge of the bed each morning? Ever woken from a really great dream and just couldn’t find your way back to it? What do dreams mean? Here are a few fun facts you might not know about what happens during your slumbering hours.

Fun Facts About Dreams

  • The dream that you’re naked taking a test in school. Being naked suggests two possibilities in a dream. It could be that you are ashamed about something, feeling vulnerable, or a desire to bare your soul about something. Or, a desire to be free or unrestricted in your life. I’m going with option two.
  • Common dreams such as falling, being naked in public, running or being chased are common to all of us because were are all exposed to similar cultural and socio-economic stimulus.
  • We’ve all had nightmares. Those scary dreams that make us wake up with a jerk (not your partner). It was once thought that witches or evil spirits were to blame. Luckily there is an easy remedy. Place a knife under the foot of your bed. Spirits don’t like steel. But, be really careful making the bed.
  • Want more vivid or exciting dreams. Pop a couple of Vitamin B6 or some Saint John’s Wort and enjoy the ride.
  • It’s also been reported that Melatonin (an over-the-counter sleep aid) and the nicotine patch and can also intensify dreams. The patch is particularly effective.
  • Want proof we came from another planet? Ancient civilizations have had dreams about flying long before man ever got off the ground. Could it be those pesky memories about a former life on Klingon?
  • Most of us forget our dreams as soon as we wake up. Due to extreme hormonal changes, pregnant women seem to remember dreams more than other groups of people.
  • President Lyndon Johnson (1908-1973) experienced nightmares about being paralyzed. These began in childhood and continued well into his adult life.
  • Children have a lot to cope with growing up which might explain why 40 percent of their dreams are nightmares. Their dreams are also much shorter than adults and contain more animals along with the occasional monster in the closet.
  • If you don’t dream in living color it could be that you are old enough to have grown up with black and white TV. Kids who grew up with color television have more colorful dreams than their black and white counterparts.
  • It has been reported that President Lincoln dreamed about his own death only days before it happened. He probably didn’t dream that he’d be shot just that his days were numbered.
  • Did you quit smoking as a New Year’s Resolution? If you did quit, there’s a good chance you are having more vivid dreams as a result of that decision.

Some Final Thoughts

There are some great songs written about dreams. We all dream of things like happiness, success, love and a long fulfilling life — except for Lincoln of course. But, like life, every now and then, the occasional nightmare sneaks in there someplace. Had any good dreams lately?

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