Most of us have heard that flimsy excuse at least once in our lives. Out shopping, can’t find something, so you ask someone and receive that un-customer friendly response.

Heaven forbid they would take the time to find someone for you, or use whatever resources available to convert you to a happy, satisfied customer.

That’s how "Sorry, not my departmentworks.

It’s an immediate escape clause. Do not pass "Go" or collect $200. Five words that absolve you of any further responsibility. You can walk away guilt free. You stayed within your prescribed boundaries.

It’s Not My Department In Real Life

Many of us have a problem going the extra mile in life. While "Sorry, that’s not my department" are not the exact words used in every workplace, some form of that phrase is prevalent almost daily.

With co-workers and customers.

Not in my job description, not my responsibility, I’m not certified for that, the person you need is out to lunch, or out sick today, or on vacation.

And I am not going to do a damn thing about it.

It’s like being an English major in college but not bothering to read Dickens or Hemingway unless there’s extra credit in it somewhere.

It’s Never Crowed On The Extra Mile

People who rise to the top usually go the extra mile. They do more than the average person and that’s the very thing that makes them above average.

Another way of saying it is they make themselves more valuable to the customer and their employer.

It’s Not Just Work

If someone dropped a bag of groceries would you stop to help? Not really your responsibility is it?

Would you help someone across the street? Run into a burning building to save a baby? OK, maybe that last one is a stretch.

The point is that the more you do to improve yourself, as a person, and a worker, the most productive and enjoyable your entire life will be.

Some Final Thoughts

If it’s not your department then why not find out something about that department so you can help someone if the person whose department it is — isn’t there.

Is that so tough? Does that take a ton of extra effort on your part?

Smart employers make cross training available so employees can cover other departments when necessary.

It’s good business.

Why not take it upon yourself to cross train in all the areas of your life? Find out more about the things going on around you that relate to you.

It’s never too late to go that extra mile.

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