A new item is now on display at the Pioneer Museum here in Bozeman. The twelve foot by five foot, horse-drawn engine is being loaned to the museum by the Bozeman Fire Fighters Local #613.

Manufactured in the nineteenth century by the Silsby Manufacturing Co., of Seneca Falls, NY, the steam-powered engine was the most sophisticated fire-fighting tool of its time. The City of Bozeman purchased the Silsby in 1889 for $4,000.

Pioneer Museum Director John Russell said..

The engine was the pride and joy of the fire department, It saw plenty of use, the most significant being the August, 1901 blaze that basically destroyed the Story Mill north of town and caused $200,000 in damages. We’re very happy to have the Silsby, Anyone fascinated by early fire equipment and appreciative of the sacrifice fire fighters make will want to see it.

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