Cruz and Kasich are out of the GOP primary race.  Kobe Bryant is hanging up his Lakers jersey. Did they quit or give up?

Over 15,000 baby boomers are retiring every single day. I would say that’s neither quitting or giving up.

Quitting or Giving Up?

There is a difference between the two but in many ways they are similar. When there is no chance of success you give up.

A personal choice.

When outside forces impact your chances of success you would probably quit.

Again a personal choice but a forced personal choice not always one you are happy with.

Both seem to end in the same result. A goal, desire, or dream comes to a dead end.

Giving Up

As a former college athlete I can tell you that it’s really tough to give up doing something that you really love.

It’s not that you can’t still play the sport, but age prevents you from playing at the level you once did, and that’s very frustrating.

There comes a time when all of us are no longer picked first when teams are chosen.


Quitting is not always a bad thing. People quit smoking or abusing alcohol or drugs nearly every day.

Others quit their jobs in the hopes of a brighter future.

On the other hand giving up on your diet might not be the healthiest thing you can do.

As you can clearly see, the line between quitting and giving up is a little on the gray side. Not always sharp and clear.

One looks an awful lot like the other.

Some Final Thoughts

People quit playing golf every day because the game just gets too frustrating to continue.

People give up golf everyday because of health issues or physical problems.

Even though the end result is the same, the reasoning often defines one from the other.

While I could probably still sink a free throw on a basketball court I’m pretty sure my days of a two handed dunk are long gone.

But in my mind I still know how that feels.

Maybe in my mind I never completely quit playing and that would mean I would never give up either.

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